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The Whole Child: Samhain Celebration

October 31, 2017

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The Whole Child: Monday Group 10.23.17

October 31, 2017

Our little friends have been very busy inventors, painters, and explorers!

*Leaf Collage Invitation*



Continuing our study of leaves and fall, we used our huge leaf collection to collage! Our Wednesday friends organized our leaves for us according to color which made it easier to choose which leaves we wanted to use for our masterpieces. This exercise was a great way for our minds to warm up in the morning as it took some good imagining and planning to foresee our leaf collage creation. We found that it was a little difficult for us to use the leaves as our collaging material with the glue bottles. Not only did we have to be careful when placing the leaves because they would tear and break, but we would also have to use some muscle to squeeze the glue out of the bottle. We had to be both gentle and strong at the same time! 


Nevertheless, our friends persevered through the challenges and created some great artwork! E made a skunk while EG made homes for the animals in her collage. She made homes for a skunk, porcupine, worm, snake, fox, another worm, and a beetle! 


With the weather cooling, our friends have been starting to get the sniffles and coughs. This has been a great opportunity to talk about germs and practice good health skills. We have been focusing on coughing in our elbows and independently blowing our noses. I believe this is what led to the following conversation excerpt during our leaf collages:


"My mom doesn't like when I cough on people." - E


"It's not nice to cough on people." - W


I couldn't help but chuckle a bit! Proof that when we take a step back to listen and observe our kiddos, we can see that they do understand larger abstract concepts and do care! :-)



*Pumpkin Spice Play Dough Invitation*



We brought out our pumpkin spice dough for another week after observing the kiddos enjoyment last week. This week brought new creations and inventions as we added some new tools for our dough!  EG made a pumpkin cupcake which led into a conversation about our favorite kinds of cupcakes and desserts. "Can we pretend this is a bakery?!" - EG


"I'm making a ball snowman!" - E



*Tinkering Time*


Our kiddos were very interested in taking some time to tinker! Each of our friends concentrated very hard on their projects. EG made a dog house and a boat. E make a ukulele, a house, a maraca, and a phone! W made a mouse trap and C made another collage!


During our tinkering time, we discussed mindfulness and how it applies to our supplies. As much as we like to watch the glue drip out of the bottle into a huge puddle, we know that we don't want to be wasteful because then we won't have any more glue.


I'm a firm believer in letting the kiddos explore properties of a material which sometimes means they will use a surplus of the supplies. However, I also believe that this needs to be balanced with learning to be mindful and responsible for our actions. Teaching mindfulness to our kiddos at a young age gives them the tools to become compassionate human beings as they grow. :-) 



*Responsibility in Action*